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Ideas for story starters from Bnr Kissack: Image_ideas_for_stories.pdf

Glassey Sheese Jees - Lockdown Two

Lhaih - Reading

Each week I will add ‘Fockleyn y Chiaghtin’ Words of the week here.

These are works to practise reading and writing using ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’.

You child should look carefully at the word, cover it up, try to write it, then uncover it to check if they were correct. Keep practising until they can write each word correctly.

In addition, you can look at the Fockleyn/Words to read & Spell section here and practise reading and writing the words.

Look at the ‘Alphabet and first sight words’, start with 44a then 44b and 44c, then move on to ‘100 fockleyn’. Your child will have some of these words in their poagey lhaih (reading bag) so you can check the best place to start.

Every week I will be reading twice with each group and I will email some activity sheets to support the book we read together. These can be printed and completed or you can view them on screen and draw / write on paper.

Your child should have two reading books in their reading bag. Keep practising these too.

Thank you for your support.

Bnr Saunders




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Welcome to Fo-Ghlass 3.0... For the duration of this March 2021 lockdown Bnr Saunders will be doing daily reading again and Bnr Callister will be doing daily maths through Teams with Bradda, following consultation with Bnr Kissack who is not able to prov…

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