Culture is at the heart of what we do at the Bunscoill. We strive for excellence in the arts; aiming to give children happiness, confidence and valuable skills. This includes an emphasis on the media strand of the ICT curriculum as well as the more traditional performing arts and literature.

Below is a short film about culture made for the Manx Folk Awards for the Island of Culture 2014


More in the section Cultoor /Culture:

Animaght / Animation & Films

Gow soylley jeh sampleryn jeh'n obbyr animaght ain! Sniaghtey Bane 2017 Brastyl 1 2017 Flitter Dance Brastyl 3 Eayn Boght Shinyn ny Deiney. Yn Moddey Dhoo (Skeeal) Yn Moddey Dhoo (Arrane) Shapp Background films from Lioar Y …

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