Teachers are constantly assessing children's learning and showing them how to take their next steps. We give the children advice and practice time to work on developing targeted skills. These skills may be related to reading, maths or writing or possibly one of the areas from the dispositions for learning, such as organisation or team-work. Your child’s progress is monitored throughout the year with the emphasis on the core subjects of Numeracy, Literacy and Science. There are two parents' evenings each year, in the Autumn and the Spring to discuss how children are settling in and the progress they are making. In the Summer, parents receive an in-depth analysis of their child's learning in their annual report. For children in Year 2 and Year 6 this also includes their end of Key Stage overall levels in the core subjects.

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Ynsagh / Learning

The Bunscoill Ghaelgagh is unique, as our students learn through a second language, Manx Gaelic. They leave school with something special; fluency in a second language, the benefits of a bilingual brain and a strong sense of identity. Although we learn t…

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