Obbyr son Blein Toshee & Blein Nane:

New planning for a new topic for this new half term: Corp







Below is the link for the second animations - thank you for taking part in this little mini-project.




Below is a link for the animation project - thank you to those who had the time to take park. Lots of people expressed an interest so feel free to send me pictures for your animation and I will make another film. It does play slowly so if you have a, 'speed up a film,' facility - it works really well on five or ten times faster!


Here is some planning for Writing, Language, Technology/Science & Art.

The Audio compliments the planning and is a reading of the Manx contained within it.

Audio for Maths planning


Audio of planning



Here is some new planning dated 5th May.

It is full of ideas that should keep you busy for several days.

I hope you enjoy this set of lesson ideas.



Listen to the names of the countries

Animation idea for Brastyl Nane (Greeba) below: 4 May 2020





Here is some new planning and lesson ideas for the children. The uploads below this compliment the planning information.










Here is some planning and lesson ideas for reading words, writing news sentences, finding and spelling words using a word search and matching number words to numbers.






Welcome to the Summer term: I will be adding some files here today (20-4-20) to assist with the above overview. I hope everyone had some happy times over Easter. Failt erriu as yn imbagh noa!

Planning for Sheet 1 - Bee


Below is a story: Yn Phraddag Feer Feer Accyrssagh (The Very, Very Hungry Caterpillar) in Manx and presented as colour in sheets with 'fill in the gap' words.

As with all work - please only take this as far as your child can manage. The PDF is the viewable/printable document and the recording follows it.


Yn phraddag feer feer accryssagh

And below a story aimed more at Blein Toshee.

An easy 'fill in the blanks,' and repeating pattern using Manx words and phrases within the topic 'Bee'. Colour in sheet too if you have a printer. A recording of the story follows the PDF viewable/printable document.


Yn skeeal jough

Lessoon Maddaght : Argid (A Maths Lesson : Money)

Below is a planning sheet for maths that covers both Blein Toshee and Blein Nane.

Lessoon Maddaght: Argid 20-4-20

Here are some ideas for literacy, mathematics, Manx language, Speaking and creating Manx using visual sentences and a long lesson planner dated 1 April to go with all of the ideas below. Underneath that the file named 'Beiyn' is a film for you to use/play and pause while you work through ideas on the lesson planner. Below in the Yoga section added prior are new recordings to go with the yoga sheet (scroll down): These are entitled 3,4 and 5 and are for the children to listen to while doing Yoga using the Yoga sheet. Caisht vie sonney diu as hee'm shiu dy gerrid. Bnr Blindell

ABC sheet to assist with spelling, writing, sounding out and reading

Beiyn picture sheet

Crocodile sheet

sort shapes sheet

spots sheet

Ta mee cummal sheet

Yoga update - new recordings for Beiyn - named 3 4 and 5 (not 4 5 6!)

For the above lesson ideas Beiyn lesson planner April 1 2020


Counting animals lesson_plan_counting_with_animals.pdf

Yoga with Bnr Blindell

Yoga in the curriculum : some ideas for parents

The children in B1 are used to seeing these images on an overhead projector and will likely bounce immediately into the poses. Try to slow things down! They can attempt these in any order but here are some suggestions

Grouping poses - can they find all the standing poses and try those

Do this with all the poses on their stomach, on their back, sitting and then anything else.

Can they find all the animals and make a sentence with them using Manx as much as possible.

Try the partner ones for fun!

There is a short recording for the children to listen to in Manx about the poses you see.

Enjoy the Yoga session and try to put these into part of a daily or weekly routine.

Gura mie ayd. Bnr Blindell

Yoga notes 1 Yoga Jallooyn son Brastyl 1Beiyn 1 Beiyn 2 Yoga_son_B1.pdf Beiyn 3 Beiyn 4 Beiyn 5