Claare_Traa_Shiaghtin_2.pdfLooking forward to seeing the class for daily lessons this week. There will be three assignments allocated each morning. Children can contact me with queries via Teams from 10-12 each morning using @Clague,Aalin on the Sniaul General posts. They should be able to manage their work independently no need for you to try to work out the assignment system beforehand-it should all become clear! I will contact you by e-mail if there are any problems.

If you finish assignments early and are looking for more, or hit a technical hitch, head to the 'Cre nish?' page below for more Brastyl Sniaul tasks. Alternatively, get stuck into one of the whole school mini-topics on the 'Cassan' page or head over to

Missed a lesson? I will try recording lessons which don't have full participation.

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Jeeagh fo son eieyn ynsagh! Look here for learning ideas

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Cre nish?

If you've finished your assignments quickly and are still looking for something to do, try one of these ideas.....

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Missed a Teams Meet?

I will do my best to record meetings that some people can't attend and put them in here. However, sometimes the technology lets me down and only part of a session records, or there is a lot of distortion! 18/01/21 Troailt 'sy nah caggey Factors 12/01/21 Long division 1 Rose Blanche Cabdil 1 bishagh…

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