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We would like to invite you to participate in a new project for the Summer Term - to create an amazing nature journal about the wonderful wild world around you!

The Journal can be on paper, digital or, if you prefer working in 3D you could create temporary Natural History Museum labelled exhibits and take photographs to share with us.

The subject matter is free choice, within the main topic of wildlife. You could specialise in something that interests you , or you could make it more of a diary, based on what you notice each day on your daily exercise.

We will be looking for observation skills such as careful drawings and descriptions, fieldwork skills such as counting and measuring, research skills such as use of books or the internet to find out more and presentation skills in how you share your learning.

There will be prizes! Categories to include language Manx/English/Mixed , age group for individual entries, and a family category for those who want to work as a team across age-groups. Details to come about deadlines (not before July) and when and how to submit your journal.

Below are a couple of examples and some inspirational links.

Ardwhallan_Wilderness_Ranger: Exploring Nature.pdf Ardwhallan Wilderness Ranger : Trees Ardwhallan Wilderness Ranger: Beasties Arswhallan Wilderness Ranger: Plants and flowers Ardwhallan wilderness Ranger: foraging and outdoor cookingArdwhallan wilderness ranger: NavigationArd Whallan-Our Place in NatureCan you ‘Bushcraft’ for the Day Ard Whallan number 6

Manx Wildlife Trust Butterfly Survey Loads of Manx WT ideas and resources here cetacean_crossword_clues.doc Cetacean_Worksheet_5_7_year_olds2.doc Cetacean_Worksheet_8_10_year_olds.docx douglas_bay_spotter_sheet.pdf little_ness_spotter_sheet.pdf

Manx birdlife resources national biodiversity network Isle of Man fow_ushagyn_.pdf

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