We are really enjoying our morning dance sessions! On Monday I challenged the children to work in groups to choreograph their own version of our Japanese dance and the results were very impressive. In maths we have been using number lines to help work out the answers to calculations. You can help your child with this by playing board games which require 'counting on' such a snakes and ladders. If they can already count on effectively, without losing their place or counting the number they are already on, try adding another die, or asking them to anticipate which number they will end up on. We have had an i-pad on a stand available this term for the children to make stop motion animation films in their free choice activity times. Some of the results have been very effective and imaginative. On Monday I taught the children in Blein 2 how to send their films to the laptops where they could begin to add sound effects and voice-overs to enhance their work.