We haven't had as much chance to get out in the garden as usual recently, but yesterday a group of the most enthusiastic and helpful composters went on a fact-finding trip to the community farm. We discovered lots of similarities between what we are doing and how they work at the farm. To improve our garden we would like to add a wormery to our composting practice. Also, some different sized big sieves would be useful for breaking down the compost prior to potting plants (as well as being great fun). It was good to discover that we seem to be on the right track! Don't forget, this half-term we are focussing on money in maths, and children will benefit from reinforcement with this at home. Today we were reminding ourselves of pairs that make ten to help quickly work out change from 10p (and then using the same facts to help work out change from multiples of 10 including £1.00).