It was rubbish in Brastyl Barrule this week! Well that was what we were learning about anyway.. On Wednesday morning we donned our thick gardening gloves, got out the litter pickers and some sturdy bags and then we set off around the village. Although the village looked very neat and tidy, we still managed to fill three bags with assorted rubbish from hidden corners. The next morning we sorted the rubbish into different categories of recyclables, non- recyclables and mystery materials. In the afternoon we carried the recyclables and mystery bag down to the Western Civic Amenity Site. We had a fantastic afternoon, visiting the new education trailer, watching the machinery operating and learning about recycling and re-using on the Island. Thank you so much to Mike and his wonderful team! After recycling our finds we went to the re-use section and the children were all allowed to choose a book to take home.