I am very pleased that I can at last announce that the teachers covering Bnr O’Meara’s maternity leave will be three very experienced Manx speaking teachers each taking on an area of responsibility with myself overseeing the class. These teachers will be Bnr Saunders, a retired head teacher who has a particular specialism with early years, Mnr Rogers, an ex teacher of the Bunscoill who also works part time for the Manx Peripatetic team and Bnr Kissack whom you all know well. Bnr Kissack has also had a lot of experience with early years in her previous roles in other schools. All three are excellent teachers and have much experience and expertise to bring to the class and the school.

I will be overseeing the class and will be the first port of call for parents. We are also pleased to inform you that Bnr McVerry will be assigned to the class which will give continuity.