One of the recommendations that I will be making to Brastyl Sniaul this lockdown is that they make the most of the outdoors in the afternoons. We are learning about WW2, so it would be great if you could think about food security by starting an edible garden or doing some foraging-the wild garlic is already making an appearance! However not all of us are lucky enough to have gardens so I thought I would share a link to this article about how to grow new food from your leftovers! This is a project that we could all get involved with. I'll open a gardening channel Gareydys in the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh Team where you can share tips and photos. If you have lost the Teams log-in info that I sent out before Christmas, please contact Using a log-in means that you can also join in with clubs and meetings without having to be sent a link, as long as you know the time and the channel.

Indoor gardening for children