Well done everyone, we have made it to the Easter break which after the hard work everyone has put in over the last few weeks, we all deserve. I think we have all enjoyed seeing the fruits of some of much of this work on our screens too. It's been great to see Bnr O'Meara in action with Brastyl Bradda and we will be seeing more of her when we are back after Easter as she returns from Maternity Leave. We must say a special thank you to Bnr Saunders and Bnr Callister for the work they have done with Brastyl Bradda with Bnr Kissack working away in the background to support them. It has been a challenge once again for all of us but we have had some great work going on in all the classes so many thanks to all the teachers for organising all this. We are social creatures and I'm sure we are all looking forward to getting back into school after Easter. We will see Bnr Maddrell and Bnr Kissack after Easter too, to maintain continuity to the end of the school year. I must mention Bnr Brenda Collister in the office too as she has been doing a fantastic job, balancing the budget at the end of the year and maintaining all the bits and pieces that go on in the background to keep the school running. Not an easy task from home but we have worked well together to keep the school on track. I hope the weather will be kind to us all over the next fortnight and we can all get out and enjoy the countryside, strictly within the rules of course. Have a great break everyone and I hope we can all get back to normal next term as soon as possible.