Ta shin er ve goaill soylley jeh clubyn Jeheiney! Every Friday afternoon, the children in KS1 and 2 get together for club time. We have four clubs, based around the four areas that we are trying to promote in school this year.

  • Mnr Corlett is running an orienteering club (fow yn raad) for 'Slaynt as Shee' (health and wellbeing)
  • Bnr Clague is running a Hop tu Naa film club (fillymyn scaanagh) for 'Cultoor'
  • Mnr Cain is working on a 20th anniversary edition of 'Yn Rollage' for 'Goo Gaelg' (promoting and celebrating Manx)
  • Bnr Matthews is running a gardening club for 'Y Çhymbyllagh' (the environment)

It's great to see the children and adults from different classes working together and building new skills and relationships.