First of all, I hope everybody has had a lovely break with their children over Christmas and New Year. This week in Brastyl 2 we started our work on change by thinking about different types of weather. We made ice disks, and really enjoyed watching them melt on a sunny morning, while we created some pinecone bird feeders for our garden birds, to help them through the winter. Our classroom window is ideally situated for a spot of birdwatching. In maths, we revisited the idea of 'how many more?' as it was a concept many children struggled with last term. We will be able to practise this as we begin to compare the data on temperature that we have started collecting. When we were out running this week, Sacha found a painted 'IOM rocks' rock on the fair field. This was good timing, as we had already planned a rock painting session for Friday afternoon. The whole school chose a rock and painted their own designs. We now have to add some Gaelg on the back of the rocks before we release them into the wild!