I passed a tramman tree on my morning walk today and thought of the Fenoderee After singing the song, why not enjoy reading Aalish's poem, written in Baarle this term I_am_the_one.pdf Can you write a poem or a story about Fenoderee?

Made in garageband- why not try and make your own? Manx Gaelc Hip-Hop!

Learn some new Manx songs from this playlist from a previous Bunscoill musical Lioar y Doofyr

These are great, with lovely accompanying animations with read-along text Manx Gaelic songs with Bobby Bob

This film came out of a request from an American Manx group for a musical version of the Lord's prayer in manx-here is our funky version Lord's Prayer

Another classic Bnr O animation Hop Tu Naa

If you don't already have the app, this is always essential listening! Roie Mygeayrt Why not write out and illustrate your favourite song for your wall?

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Scoill voish y thie

Jeeagh son red ry-yannoo jiu! Look for somehing to do today!

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