We worked very hard on Thursday to make a success of our first Brastyl Sniaul family event . We worked out that we would have to make an incredible 16 litres of soup to feed all of the people coming to the Ceilidh, so on Thursday morning we rolled up our sleeves and started chopping. We had to deal with several logistical problems (such as 4 large pans not fitting on one stove top!) but with the help of Bnr Matthews, KImberley, lught thie Pettit, Paul,Caroline,Jamie, Bnr Kissack Chloë and Malcolm and everyone who came into the kitchen to help Bnr Clague with sending out the soup and doing the dishes we did it! Sorry if you were disappointed by not getting a ticket, but I don't think we could have fed any more people-it was quite a challenge for our first event! We raised £84 to spend on useful items for school projects and we have already bought a new wheelbarrow with some of the money.