Gura mie eu to parents who have sent in happy photos. We are developing a lovely display board which cheers us all up when we walk past it. Children will be adding ideas and photos to their Shee as Maynrys books on Wednesday. This week in maths we are working on 'ways of making' numbers to 10. It is really useful if children can learn the pairs that make different numbers to ten, for quick mental recall, as well as understanding the relationships between them eg if you know 2 + 3 = 5 you should know 3 +2 = 5 and maybe also that 5- 2=3 and 5-3=2. We have been investigating sound in science for the last few weeks. Well done those of you who had been doing your own sound studies at home, it led to great confidence enthusiasm when we covered the same ideas in class. We have tried out cup and string telephones, musical milk bottles and experimented with sound, distance and pitch.