This week in Brastyl 2 we have been honing our investigative skills in science with a range of experiments finding out about freezing and melting water. We have been thinking about why we only change one variable to make the test fair and how we are going to collect evidence to answer our questions. The handful of children who predicted that the ice in the shallow wide container would melt quicker than the ice in the tall narrow container were delighted that the results confirmed their predictions and keen to draw conclusions. In maths we have been looking at patterns. The children have had to identify whether a sequence is going up or down (plus or minus), in steps of how many (ones, twos, tens) and predict the next number in a sequence. They find it easier to predict the next number than they do to explain what is happening in the sequence. Talking about maths can be quite tricky at first and we are going to have to keep practising this to help the children get a deeper understanding.