In maths this week, we are back with money, which some children find very tricky! Can you check whether your child can tell you the total of a group of coins? Can they work out how much change is due for an item under 10p 20p, 50p £1 by counting up? Our work on changes will focus of flour, water, heat and raising agents this week. Last week we made a sourdough starter with flour and water, which we compared with some sourdough ‘ mothers’ from Noa bakehouse- gura mie ayd Jishag Anouk! We have some lovely samples of wheat in different stages of the milling process and some bags of bread flour ( courtesy of Laxey Flour Mill ) to experiment and bake with this week as we find out about the effects of mixing ingredients, different raising agents and heat. Speaking of heat, we have been preparing a potential fire lighting site in the school garden. On Monday we created a safe, boundaried area to sit around. We discussed safety protocol for movement around the fire area. We also created a dry shelter for a wood store and collected some more kindling. At the end of a chilly afternoon’s work we sat around the ‘campfire’ singing songs and drinking hot chocolate. See the Brastyl 2 gallery for pics