Cre'n skeeal jiu? Which story today?

Skeealyn marish Bnr Matthews

Skeealyn marish Bnr Clague

There are some useful hints for supporting your child as they learn to read in the 'Learning to read' document.


Finn MacCooill


Watch the Bun-ry-skyn video here

e-books to reinforce sight words

Lioaryn Lhaih Keim 1-(White label) Books to listen to with a repeated phrase to join in with on each page

Lioaryn Lhaih Keim 2 (Grey label)

Lioaryn Lhaih Keim 3 (black label)

Lioaryn Lhaih Keim 4 (green label)

Lioaryn Lhaih Keim 5 (brown label)

Lioaryn son paitchyn flaaoil-books for fluent readers/storytime

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Scoill voish y thie

Jeeagh son red ry-yannoo jiu! Look for somehing to do today!

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