Cre'n skeeal jiu? Which story today?

Skeealyn marish Bnr Matthews

Skeealyn marish Bnr Clague

Finn MacCooill


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e-books to reinforce sight words

Lioaryn Lhaih Keim 1-(White label) Books to listen to with a repeated phrase to join in with on each page

Lioaryn Lhaih Keim 2 (Grey label)

Lioaryn Lhaih Keim 3 (black label)

Lioaryn Lhaih Keim 4 (green label)

Lioaryn Lhaih Keim 5 (brown label)

Lioaryn son paitchyn flaaoil-books for fluent readers/storytime

'After the War' by Tom Palmer A WW2 themed book for older children and adults translated and read aloud by Mnr Cain

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