In 2016 we designed a new Bunscoill Ghaelgagh uniform. Our theme was 'Gaelg my vlaa'- Gaelg blossoming and Bnr Blindell re-designed our logo to include fuchsia flowers garlanding Tynwald Hill. Our colour scheme takes inspiration from the colours of the flower; red, purple or green polo shirts under a navy jumper.

School Uniform can be bought directly from Promenade Shirts in Douglas. Bookbags are kindly donated by SnyP with extras being available from the school office at £7.50 per unit.

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Jeeagh shiu ayns shoh son fysseree scanshoil. Look here for important information or try these links to partner organisations: https://www.mooinjerveggey.org.im/ https://culturevannin.im/ https://manxnationalheritage.im/ https://manxlanguage.sch.im/ http…

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