Gow soylley jeh sampleryn jeh'n obbyr animaght ain!

Goit 2!

Goit (performance)

Goit! (trailer)

Animaghtyn Y Nollick / Christmas Animations


Gammanyn Traa Cloie

Hop Tu Naa

Sniaghtey Bane 2017

Brastyl 1 2017

Flitter Dance Brastyl 3

Eayn Boght

Yn Moddey Dhoo (Skeeal)

Yn Moddey Dhoo (Arrane)


Background films from Lioar Y Doofyr

Humptee Dumptee liorish Fraser & Oshin

Oie'll Vreeshey- Joint 'Best Film' prize winners in the 2017 One World Centre competition!

Noo Brendan

KIark Veg Ruy-Joint 'Best Film' prize winners in the 2018 One World Centre competition!

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Culture is at the heart of what we do at the Bunscoill. We strive for excellence in the arts; aiming to give children happiness, confidence and valuable skills. This includes an emphasis on the media strand of the ICT curriculum as well as the more tradi…

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