Gow soylley jeh ny fillymyn ain!

Fillym veih 2014, son cohirrey 'Island of Culture'

Harrish magher as harrish strah

Visit to Nerin Twoaie

Moghrey ayns Brastyl Barrule

Goit 2!

Goit (performance)

Goit! (trailer)

Animaghtyn Y Nollick / Christmas Animations


Gammanyn Traa Cloie

Hop Tu Naa

Sniaghtey Bane 2017

Brastyl 1 2017

Flitter Dance Brastyl 3

Eayn Boght

Yn Moddey Dhoo (Skeeal)

Yn Moddey Dhoo (Arrane)


Background films from Lioar Y Doofyr

Humptee Dumptee liorish Fraser & Oshin

Oie'll Vreeshey- Joint 'Best Film' prize winners in the 2017 One World Centre competition!

Noo Brendan

KIark Veg Ruy-Joint 'Best Film' prize winners in the 2018 One World Centre competition!

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Gaelg dagh laa!

Try to use a little Manx each day! Why not enjoy our radio play, recorded 'fo ghlass'? Mollyndroat -the Bunscoill lockdown musical

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