Bea Feie Aalish 1

Bea Feie Aalish 2

Bea Kiwi

History_Every object tells a story from MNHMNH resources

A picture crossword from past pupil, Fiona croshockle_lesh_jallooyn.pdf

Y Chorp marish Kinley and Graihagh

Laa Thildee

Laa Brann

Algae! lessoon Ned

Rassyn 'sy chubbart

Coagrey pannagyn marish Frank

Here is another quiz to try-Ned's Tudor quiz

TryDottie's guinea pig quiz!

Lessoon Alfie

Gailley Lessoon Finbar Seeing this lesson reminded me of us acting out the digestive process earlier this term!

Also, as a follow up. I found this video aimed at A level students (but we're very advanced in Brastyl Barrule!) and I thought the fat test near the beginning seemed like fun, and very doable from home.

Awree Dotty

Coagrey Lessoon Cristl

Laa Brann

Algae! lessoon Ned

Moghrey ayns Brastyl Barrule

Rassyn 2


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Gaelg dagh laa!

Try to use a little Manx each day! Why not enjoy our radio play, recorded 'fo ghlass'? Mollyndroat -the Bunscoill lockdown musical

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