Ideas, challenges, word lists, videos and games below all focused on the clothes and colours !

Please don't download and print them all - use them as ideas and starting points for your own work.

I am EXCITED for the fashion shows! :)

Eaddagh as Daah Doolane 3

Colour wordsRainbow_Page_Borders.pdfClothes VocabSock Mask

Use this game below to practice your Manx colours. Describe what the coloured T shirt is like to someone else. And they have to draw and colour it exactly as you describe it. Did they get it right? You don't have to print off the pages. Just use them on the screen. Have fun!


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Cassan-whole school topic

Club Arrane-Dúlamán recording DULAMAN.pdf Last March, Mnr Cain and Bnr Clague visited the Lower Mourne area of Northern Ireland at the invitation of their Irish Language group. The intention was to build a bridge or pathway between the two Gaelic communi…

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