We're going to have a go at doing some growing and planting! Don't panic if you don't have a garden (or indeed any soil!) - we'd like everyone to have a go at growing whatever you find in your kitchen.

And also to keep a record of what you do. It would be great if you could find a little book or old calendar or diary somewhere and keep a diary of how your growing goes. Take photographs or draw pictures. Maybe do some little videos? We can share all these back at school after lockdown.

You could try any seeds or pulses lurking in your spice rack or cupboards (coriander, whole lentils, dried peas etc) or any leftover vegetables (carrot tops, leek or spring onion ends, onions, celery etc) or any thing that has seeds inside (peppers, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes etc) If you don't have access to soil they can be planted in coffee grounds, kitchen roll, cotton wool or just water.

It would be great to re use and re cycle as many containers as possible too - see through ones are often best as you can see the roots growing.

Maybe have a go at Bnr Saunders' hanging carrot basket!



There is a short video below with LOTS of ideas (I'm pretty sure not of all of these will work!!!!) but choose a couple with your family and remember you MUST ask parents to do any cutting of plastic bottles etc.

Ta mee er ve tarroogh ayns y gaarey aym. Ren mee gaase Asters as Sprouts! As ta mee prowal gaase yn leek - t'eh gobbraghey er lhiams, agh cha nel mee shickyr mychione yn unnish?? Bnr Callister


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