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March 2021

Dear Parents

I’m very thankful to Bnr Callister for delivering the real-time Maths lessons for me. For those of you with access to a printer, you might like to try and print out a few practice sheets following on from Bnr. Callister’s on-line work. You don’t need to, of course. Practice sheets will be here in this section below. You’ll need to know which group your child is in but they should know. Generally, Jiarg is easier.

This week and next we were going to work on Time in school and also more on 1/4s and 1/2s of shapes and numbers. Keep an eye on the clock! Talk about time!

We also need to keep going with addition/ subtraction/ multiplication. If you’ve got lego at home this is quite useful for children to make up their own up sums. You could work out the 4,6,8 times table using the raised blobs on the bricks. The children could draw around/ print with them and make a useful reference poster.

Away from Maths, if anyone is feeling particularly creative and would like to try out a story I’ve put some exciting picture ideas and questions up on the Chengey section.

Aigh vie- good luck and hoping to see everything back to normal as soon as possible.


Bnr Kissack


Cre’n traa t’eh? Telling the time pdf (for Geayney/ bwee)

tardistimes (for Jiarg)






Some games and challenges to do with time from Bnr Callister that you can print out and play or just go through online:


Posters.pdf and Cards.pdf

Manx_Time_Game.pdf (you can play this like dominoes)





Added 15th March 2021:



And if you haven't tried this one yet then have a go! : How_many_times_can_you_do_it_in_a_minute.pdf

Added 18th March:

Easier_then_Harder_Digital_and_Analogue.pdf Have a go at these - the first ones are easier and the they get trickier!

If you need to practice your months in Manx have a look at this: Manx_Months.ppt

Added 22nd March:

We're practicing finding halves and quarters of numbers before we break for Easter.

You don't have to print this. Collect things you have at home and share them instead. Finding_halves_and_quarters.pdf








Winnie the Pooh Time Story: Listen to the story and make the times in the book on your own clock as you listen, because the one in the book is broken!

Then have a go at writing your own crazy time story - the crazier the better! Maybe write one about a Knight or a penguin or a clown or Bnr Callister or Bnr Saunders!?

You decide!

Traa mairish Pooh from Jo Callister on Vimeo.

Have you got any outside chalk? How about drawing a BIG clock outside and you be the hands! Like this picture!!


Anything you can do at home, where the children are timed (brushing their teeth, tying their laces, reading a book etc) will help them understand lengths of time such as seconds and minutes etc. Asking them to estimate first how long they think it will take is also interesting!! (you can use the how many times can you do it in a minute sheet as an example)

Also discussing daily the times that things are done is useful - getting up, having lunch, watching a TV programme, learning with Bnr Callister and Bnr Saunders, going to bed etc. And establishing if those are in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Also a reminder on days of the week and months of the year would be good to.

Some of the children have also watched the BBC bitesize video on time that is online or currently on BBC catch up too.

We're doing time until Easter so plenty of time (ha!) to practice. :)


Here are a couple of fun activities that you can do at home that practice maths skills but don’t necessarily look like maths. The Treasure Hunt requires you/ them to make a simple box and fill it with a certain number of objects but you have to follow the instructions. You could adapt the idea for your child and/ or they could make their own challenge for someone else.


The Arrays Challenge is to get them to look around the house/ immediate environment and either get some pictures/ drawings of objects they see that show concepts like 2 x 3 = 6 etc as for example, a box of eggs. They might want to make a poster of what they find.


I’ve written instructions in both languages- good readers should manage both!

Bnr Kissack

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